Microwave Radar Blind Spot Detection System For Car (TOP-PBSD1)

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Blind spot Detection system with microwave radar Technology
• Add an ultra reliable OEM style blind-spot detection system to any vehicle
• Equipped with two 24G Hz high performance microwave radar sensor,that are designed to mount inside the left and right side of the rear bumper 
• Non-Drilling installation,not affect the vehicle appearance
• Big detection range,3*15 meters from both sides and behind of the vehicle
• Only detect the moving object in blind area,no reaction to static object
• Includes two elegant LED indicators that can be mounted on the left and right of your dash or instrument cluster to visually indicate vehicles or other obstructions
• Includes left and right signal trigger for audible collision avoidance,the unit will beep to indicate that someone is in your blind-spot when a signal is turned on
• All-Weather monitoring,even in rainy,snowy or foggy day,at night;not affected by any weather and enviroment

Package includes:
2*Radar Sensors
2*Indicator Lights
1*BSD Cable
1*Calibrating cloth (Options)

Radar Sensor Layout Requirements:
• Do not use a metal case
• Do not use paints or varnishes containing metal or carbon particles
• Distance between external radome and antenna of microwave sensor should be≥6.2mm
• The best external radome material is Polycarbonate or ABS
• The optimum external radome thickness is 3-4mm
• The relative movement (vibration) between the internal microwave antenna and the radome should be avoided to prevent interfering signals from affecting the final measurement