7” Waterproof Digital LCD Monitor with Quad Funtion (TOP-D7002Q)

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7" Waterproof Digital LCD Monitor with Quad Funtion 
•Model: TOP-D7002Q
•Resolution: 800(W)*R.G.B.*480(H) dots
•Type: 16:9 wide screen
•Totally Sealed Aluminum Alloy Case with Steel bracket and plastic visor
•Explosion Proof
•Hydrochloric Acid Resistant
•IP69K Rated (better than IP68 – can handle high-pressure heated wash-down water and chemicals)
•Built-in quad control box function
•Support four camera inputs
•Single View/Split view/Quad view selectable
•PAL/NTSC optional, MIRROR/NORMAL image optional
•Front Panel Controls and Wireless Remote Control included
•Trigger priority: CAM 1>CAM 2>CAM 3>CAM 4
•Standby mode can also power up only when triggered
•Automatically turn on when the reversing gear is engaged
•7 languages OSD display
•With high-low voltage protection and short circuit protection
Reverse guide: Yes
Reverse trigger: Automatically
Normal/Mirror image switching: Yes
Wide Voltage Range: DC12V/24V
•Wide Temperature Range:  -10°C to 65°C
•Wide Viewing Angles: Up: 50° Down: 60° Side to Side: 70°